According to the Italian Law (l. 248/2000 art. 2), no more than 15% of the any item can be reproduced. The photocopy request form is authorised by the appointed personnel. Some items cannot be reproduced by photocopy, namely:

– large format books, large format serials, illustrated books;

– books that need to be protected from wear and tear;

– encyclopaedias, dictionaries, repertoires.


Photographs of pre-1900 items can be made directly by the user or he can contact the photographer whom the library is in touch with. A motivated request must be produced specifying the use of the reproductions and subject to authorisation of the librarian.

According to the last Italian law (124/2017) documents and books of the Italian State Libraries can be freely reproduced by users with own devices (tablet, smartphone or digital camera). It is necessary to complete the request form.